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Weight bench sets - the easy start into strength training at home

The weight bench belongs to the absolute basic equipment of your strength training. In order to use your weight bench effectively, you need weights and weight plates, of course. We offer complete weight bench sets for making your start with strength training at home the most comfortable possible.

Whihch parts does a weight bench set include ?

Our weight bench set includes a weight bench and appropriate accessory, i.e., a weight set and a barbell rack. Some sets also include a weight bench with weights and a power rack/squat rack.

In any case, our weight bench sets are always the right choice, when you want to buy a weight bench at an affordable price. The reason is that you have a saving compared to single purchases for many of our weight bench sets.

Because of the versatility of our weight bench sets, you find the training equipment which is best for you. No matter whether you start with strength training or are already experienced in athletic sports.

Here is a guide for selecting the appropriate weight bench set:

By means of our own weight bench tests, we evaluate the quality of weight benches under different aspects. The results are given in a scale from 1 to 5 stars. This is how our weight bench tests help you comparing the weight benches.

The weight bench Kettler Delta XL incl. curlpult, dumbbell and barbell set, i.e., offers a complete equipment at a great price-performance ratio.
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