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Grip strength trainer - for a safe and strong grip

Grip strength trainers or forearm trainers help you to strengthen and build your forearm and hand muscles. Grip strength training is a useful completion for all kinds of sport, demanding a strong and safe grip. Grip strength training can increase the performances for climbing, golf or strength training, i.e., and reduces the risk of injuries for many kinds of sport by strengthening the joints. Furthermore, strong forearms are also helpful in everday life. Our range of products of grip strength trainers includes several different varieties of grip strength and wrist trainers, graduated in different intensities and functionalities. We offer the appropriate training device for any fitness level and use - from spring grips to wrist trainers. We offer grip strength trainers or hand grips of GladiatorPower for a very challenging forearm training, which are very good for intensive training sessions and increase enormously your grip strength.
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