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Barbell bars 50mm - Professional barbells

50mm barbell bars belong to the basic equipment of a gym and also to the equipment of an ambitious strength athlete. Exercising possibilities with a barbell are enormous - therefore, the barbell is part of the elementary training equipment of strength training.

Barbell bars are not only used for training. Many competitions are hold with barbell exercises. Professional bars have to meet special requirements, because these bars partly face extreme loads.

Professional barbell bars basically have a holding fixture for weights of 50mm. They offer a much higher ultimate strength and are equipped with ball bearings. These ball-bearing bars are essential - mainly for weight lifting and power lifting. The reason is that weight lifting exercises like "snatch" and "clean and jerk" with heavy weights have an enormous dynamic.

Ball bearings are required for protecting your wrist - so the barbell can be safely switched from lifting to pushing position despite speed and heavy weight. 50mm barbell bars weigh 20 kg different to common bars.

They are equipped with very long holding fixtures, so that enormous weights can be put on. A 50 mm barbell bar is generally 220 cm long, making it ideal for bench press, because very wide grip positions can be chosen as well. The wider the grip is for bench press, the higher is the part of power mobilized in the chest muscles.

A 500 barbell is also ideal for training on Power Racks, because most professional Power Racks orientate on the said length of 220cm. We offer the appropriate selection for those who want to purchase a 50mm barbell bar. We offer you professional barbells of the highest quality from "starter model" with a loadability of 340 kg (max) to professional barbells with a maximum loadability of 700kg.
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